FIFA 07 demo

Here is a classic version of one of the most realistic soccer games ever developed

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FIFA 07 demo
FIFA 07 Demo

Almost one year since the release of FIFA 06, EA Sports has launched the long-awaited sequel FIFA 07 for the PC, and you will love what this new game has to offer you. In the last year's title, you could only describe it as the best game ever made for the FIFA franchise, but we have seen major improvements in the newest title. Unfortunately, not every one of the changes have been implemented since the last year's title, but we have seen more than enough of the requested improvements that it makes for a brilliant game.

The Pitch: It Plays Differently?

When we look at the pitch of this game, you notice how FIFA 07 plays different from its predecessor. While figuring out exactly what changed can be difficult, we think one of the most obvious changes to the new game is how players can choose to either decelerate or accelerate in a more realistic fashion. For example, you can't turn quite as quickly as what you could in FIFA 06, but this is okay because it adds to the realism of the game mechanics. What are the results? You will have to pass the ball more often, but this might also depend on your playing style. You might also find how you have to face off mano-a-mano in more situations than ever before. You will have to pass more, which can lead to a little more challenge because this leaves you open to more opportunities for your opponent to intercept the ball.

How to Pass Successfully

In the latest title, your success for passes and taking shots will largely depend on how you have positioned your players and balanced them for the shot. Unfortunately, trick moves have become increasingly difficult in the latest title because you have a lower success rate with them. In addition, the controls are unforgiving, and if you make a mistake, it can cost you a point in the goalie net.

Instruction Manual for the Trick Moves

Believe it or not, FIFA 07 includes an instruction manual with all the trick moves, which can be helpful to reference on occasion. It somewhat looks like the special moves list that you might encounter in a game like Mortal Kombat. The tricks available will depend on whether or not you are idle or running on the field.

Should you download FIFA 07? The game holds an important place in the franchise's history, and the developers somewhat upped the challenge since the previous year. Scoring goals always feels fun, but even the goalkeepers have upped their game since the previous title. It's worth checking out if you don't mind how this game is over a decade old.


  • You will enjoy a more fun and realistic gameplay.
  • The trick moves now have an instruction manual to help you along.


  • The game simply cannot hold up against some of the newer titles.

FIFA 07 -- also known as FIFA Soccer 07 and FIFA Football 07 -- is the 2007 edition of the EA (Electronic Arts) Sports soccer video game series. In addition to Microsoft Windows-based PCs, the game was released for the Nintendo GameCube, Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance; the Xbox and Xbox 360; and the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable. It is notable for being the last FIFA game released for the GameCube, Game Boy Advance and Xbox.


FIFA 07 marked the first conscious effort by Electronic Arts to rival Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer (formerly Winning Eleven) series, which critics preferred due to its more realistic game-play mechanics. Moving away from its arcade feel -- which involved an overflow of goals -- this 2007 entry is more tactical than previous iterations, due to a complete overhaul of the game engine. Thus players had to adopt real-world tactics and think like a real player or manager to get the best of opposing sides. Also, FIFA 07 had what the Winning Eleven series lacked: licensing to use the names for real players and teams.

FIFA 07 also continued with its enhancements of player actions and movements, sound effects, stadium chanting and fan songs. Also, it is with this entry that EA Sports introduced online game play, which enabled customers to play against each other in the EA Sports Interactive Leagues. FIFA 07 is a vast universe, with over 10,000 players in 27 international leagues.


The major drawback of FIFA 07 is its now-dated game play and graphics. While FIFA 07 was a watershed moment for the series, later entries -- especially FIFA Soccer 12 -- greatly improved upon its template.

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